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Gun-free Home

"Gun-Free Home"

Printable Sign

You can print and hang this sign in your home, to share that it is a safe, gun-free space for all who enter. It's free, just click to download it. The print size is 8x10 inches.

This was inspired by: 

  • My friend Diane, who asked me to paint a sign with this phrase for her own home.

  • The most recent school shooting, in Santa Fe, Texas. Don't let these shootings make you feel helpless. Keep demanding peace.

  • A Moms Demand Action meeting that I attended, where moms discussed their fears of children spending time in friends' homes where there might be guns.

This is free for sharing but not for selling. If you feel passionately about gun safety, please consider a donation to, or purchasing my shirt which shares a message of peace and sends funds to Everytown.


Thank you!

© 2018 Kristina Filler

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