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Gun Violence Sucks, But This Website Doesn't

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Why is this website here? Is it because I'm trying to take your guns away? Am I aiming to run for President in 2020? Here are the answers to all of your firey questions.

What Does "Hold Your Fire" Want Me To Do?

  • To be aware of how prevalent gun violence and gun culture is in our country - to look it in the face and not ignore it.

  • To learn easy, fulfilling and effective ways to get involved in this cause.

  • To generally see the lighter side so that you don't feel defeated by shootings like I did and can jump in and help.

  • To contribute funds for gun-sense organizations that combat the corruption and fact-hiding initiatives of the NRA.

  • To see that there are alternatives to gun ownership and gun violence.

It's Been Twenty Years Since Your Dad Was Killed. Why Are You Upset Now?

Because he was killed all too easily by someone who shouldn't have had access to a gun and because I re-live it knowing that 96 other innocent victims in America die the same way every day.

Every time I see headlines similar to the ones that featured my dad, my heart sinks for all who are effected.

I spent the end of 2017 and early 2018 working on a memory project about my dad, to honor him for the 20th anniversary of his death. The collection included the painting at the top of this post, photos and memories from family and friends. Two days after I finished the therapeutic months-long project, seventeen people were murdered in a Parkland, FL high school. Given the timing and the fact that I was a high-schooler myself when murder changed my life forever, this touched a little too close to home.

How Do Tears Turn Into Action?

As I cried listening to news reports about Parkland, I painted a peace dove with the message "Hold Your Fire". I was frustrated by the seeming endlessness to gun violence in America and thought of the design as a white flag or peace symbol. My husband liked it and suggested I put it on a t-shirt and point the funds towards, an organization that fights the corrupt NRA.

In the year since then, 900 shirts have sold, raising over $10,000 for gun safety. If you'd like one, you can buy a shirt here.

My story shows that you can take your sadness and funnel it into something productive. I didn't have any plan or much knowledge on the subject when I started getting involved. Almost a year later, I've accomplished a lot. You can too!

Stay tuned for more posts with suggestions for how to get involved. Peace out!


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