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Guess How Many Gunsense Organizations and Win a Prize!

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Whoa, whoa - we're not going to give it up right away! The answer is at the end of this post.

Buuuut... since you're already here, you might as well get a little educated!

First, What The What Is Gunsense?

To quote Gunsense Voter, "Gun sense is the simple idea that we can do much more to keep our families and communities safe from gun violence. It'’s the belief that we, as Americans, don’'t have to tolerate 31,000 deaths from gun violence every single year. If you believe that felons and domestic abusers shouldn’'t have access to guns; if you think guns don’'t belong in places like churches, schools, and playgrounds; if you think the right to life and liberty is just as important as the right to bear arms: You have gun sense."

I Want To Go To There

So where do you start? If you own a "Hold Your Fire" shirt, you already know about Everytown. If you don't, this organization researches and raises awareness of the gun violence statistics that the NRA tries to block from public consumption. Their website has pretty much everything you need to know on the subject.

Moms Demand Action is their "boots on the ground" sister organization, which hosts rallies and meet-ups. They make a difference in effective, practical ways and offer regular opportunities to discuss and fight gun violence. If you need a personal testimonial, I have walked away from every event I've participated in feeling better about the world.

Students Demand Action was founded just a couple of days after the Parkland massacre, is a branch for younger activists. There are some seriously bad-ass young fighters out there, calling B.S. on politicians' shenanigans all the time. They're amazing.

Ugh, The Internet Can Be Overwhelming

So let's simplify the process by pinpointing where to go first. Try asking yourself, "Why are you here?" Be specific. For me, I got involved in activism because my dad was murdered, Parkland broke my heart for the umpteenth time and I needed to do something. One of my early steps was just being more vocal about gun violence online, which ended up introducing me to an amazing councilwoman in Hoboken who runs their branch of Moms Demand Action. I've since gone to marches and meetings with them and it's helped me know where to go from there.


Q: How can I defend gunsense when my uncle is ranting about the 2nd Amendment at the dinner table? A: Start a food fight! J/K (kind of). Read this article.

Q: How can I safely store my guns? A: Make everyone pinky-swear not to touch them. Or skip that step since it doesn't work and visit Be SMART.

Q: I need to learn a little more about gun violence before I jump in. I also want to be able to look smart in front of my friends by throwing down some stats. A: Re-live your college days with a good ol'fashioned cram sesh! Visit Everytown.

Q: I want cool gunsense friends! A: Come on in, the water's fine for all! Sign up for Moms Demand Action or follow any of the organizations below on social media, to stay updated on all things gunsens

Gunsense Organizations For All!

Everytown is one of the bigger gunsense organizations and was the first one that I came across, but I was curious to find out how many there actually were in total. Here's what I found:

Got Your Eyes On The Prize?

If you scrolled down just to find the answer, you missed a lot of cool stuff, but here it is: there are at least 25 gunsense organizations! Did you guess correctly? Congratulations - your prize is 25 unique opportunities for making like-minded friends and helping prevent gun violence! Hooray!

Were you expecting a pony? Keeping our loved ones safe is a pretty cool prize!

Why are you still reading this? Click one or follow them on social media to get started!


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