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Don't Eat Shit For Breakfast, And Other Tips

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Want to maintain your health and sanity in today's totally batshit world while being an active citizen? Health expert, Kristin Condon and I will show you how!

How To Be An Activist

By Kristina Filler


This is arguably the easiest of our tips, but one that could help a lot of people. If you are a Debbie Downer who doesn't think one single vote or one small action makes a difference, just shut up! Don't poison the water-cooler; let your friends vote in peace! Watch as we shut the hell up.


You're going to selfie anyway, so why not selfie while being a badass activist? Do something good and brag about it on social media - your friends will want to join you. Your phone's nearby, right? Take one right now while watching this clip.


Technology makes it so easy to stay informed and engaged that you can take political action while barely taking any physical action. Don't believe me? Text "ACT" to 644-33 for (non-annoying) gun violence text alerts or visit and send a postcard to your senator in less than one minute. Are you sitting down? Try it with us.


Visit to find the phone numbers for your senators. Save them to your contacts so you can call quickly anytime you want to get something off your chest. If it's government-related, that is - save the drunk snap-chatting for someone else. Watch us take the plunge here.

How To Self-Care

By Kristin Condon


You can fight IBS and despondency at the same time by waiting to check the news until after breakfast. Anger and despair are NOT healthy ways to start your day. Still irregular? Consider taking a break by laying off the news cycle for 2-3 days. Learn how to stop eating shit right now.


Not that talk, you perv - talk to plants! Commune with nature. Research shows that spending time with trees reduces blood pressure and stress hormones for up to 4 hours. If speaking out loud to plants outside isn't your thing, touch them, notice the details of the bark and leaves or speak silently to them. If people give you the side-eye, just smile and tell them you're bringing down your blood pressure. Or that the tree is your special friend - they'll leave you alone. If Kristin's husband can do it, so can you.


Don’t fight anger with more anger, fear with more fear. Don’t ignore or repress your emotions or others' - listen to them. Be the silent observer and allow for some space. Here are some alternatives to being a little bitch.


Science shows a correlation between trying new things and lower stress hormones, better immune function, and more efficient sleep. Aside from trying the latest topping on avocado toast, you can go to activist meetings, talk about gun violence or meditate! There's a sweet, simple one at the end of this short clip.

Special thanks to the fabulous wellness space, Energi for hosting this talk; to the magical, mystical, amazing Kristin Condon for lending her wisdom to it and to the beautiful Hilary Russo for her un-ending support and positivity.

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